Anatomy Trains - Dynamic Education for Body-Minded Professionals
Myofascial Meridians
for Manual & Movement Therapists
Elsevier would like to offer sincere thanks to the people below for graciously allowing them to use the following material on this website:

Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau MD, Plastic and Hand Surgeon, and Endovivo Productions for providing videos 4.5 (Living Fascia 1 - Surrounding the Tendon) and 4.6 (Living Fascia 2 - The Milieu of the Body) together with images 1, 2, 4-6 on the welcome page. The original sources are:
Guimberteau JC . New Ideas in Hand Flexor Tendon Surgery. Ed. Aquitaine Domaine Forestier 2001 ISBN 2-84023-268-5.
Guimberteau JC. Promenades sous la peau. Strolling under the skin. Elsevier Masson (2 Nov 2004), Language: French, ISBN-13: 978-2842996499

H Jiang and F Grinnell of the American Society for Cell Biology for providing image 3 on the welcome page.

Todd Garcia of the Laboratories of the Age of Enlightenment for image 7 on the welcome page.

Eric Root for providing videos 4.3 (Fascial Microscopy 3 - Plantar Fascia) and 4.4 (Fascial Microscopy 4 - Erector Spinae)

Michael Frenchman and Videograf for providing the computer graphic imagery.